Ramblings of a modern druidess

So did I explain the part where I lost almost my entire book? No? Care for a good laugh? Thought as much.

So the story goes…
I wrote my book on my iPad. But recently a friend of mine was thinking of buying an iPad herself, so I told her she should try out mine, to see if it would appeal to her. She’s over seventy years old, but used to a computer. I decided to keep it as simple as possible. So I just installed her email, safari, facebook and her online banking, just a few apps to play with.

I deleted my own accounts to make it less confusing, because I was convinced I had everything saved in the iCloud.

Well….. or so I thought. Turns out my book was saved on my lovely iPad, not the iCloud, I think I cried for days and days, kind of reminded me of a Placebo song, which would usually cheer me up, but even their music could not save me now.

Thankfully I’m a born and raised Dutch girl, so eventually that whole ‘just act normal, that’s crazy enough’ roots resurfaced and I crawled out from under my duvet.

So back to writing, like crazy that is, because my deadline is set for April first, *gulp*

Where’s a quick-quotes-quill when you need it!

Until next week peeps!


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