Ramblings of a modern druidess

Eight months. Eight months I’ve been on this diet now and in all fairness, it is working. I lost 25 kilo and will be done in three months time. No more pills for my high blood pressure. Then again, no more pizza, no more sushi, no more tapas and no more candy. At least not on a regular basis.

And sometimes that just bugs the crap out of me, today is such a ‘sometimes’. I have this craving for anything with chocolate in it and where can I get a large bag of crisps to go with my chocolate. It’s hard to explain why I can go for days without even a concious effort to hold myself to my diet and some days this urge arises to throw caution to the wind and just go nuts, food wise that is.

Of course, not even one hour later this bloody emotion comes lurking around the corner. “Hello guilt, I was wondering when we would meet again, how have you been?” Sigh…. what is even more annoying is that it is two times as hard to pick up the pace again after you’ve gone wrong.

Today I read a post about the value of doing the wrong thing. Yes, I know it can be very valuable to be wrong, we learn through our mistakes and so on and it’s also nice to not have the pressure to get everything right, succeed whereever and whenever you can.

But as I’m putting another KitKat mini in my mouth while writing these very words down, let me tell you one thing folks…..

Being or doing wrong just sucks!

Until next weeks peeps.


2 thoughts on “Ramblings of a modern druidess

  1. “To cut down my weight off comes my left leg.
    I pass a swimming costume test.”

    You are doing wonderfully well darling!! Keep on keeping on.

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