Ramblings of a modern druidess

First things first, happy new year! May 2013 bring you peace of mind, love in your heart and magic in your soul.

The year of the Serpent, which above all, represents transformation, shedding the old skin to progress to the new, it all sounds great to me and a bit scary perhaps, but a good kind of scary.

Today I went to visit friends of mine in Utrecht. Her other half is Japanese by birth, but lives in England, so he was over for the holidays. Spending time with these people is always like spending time outside of time. It seems to go on for hours and at the same time it ends way too soon.

I got a new years’ tea ceremony made of green tea crushed into powder. There’s a whole serious business with the turning of the ceremonial cup, as a guest I must recieve it with the most pretty side turned to me. When you finish your tea, you turn it again and admire the cup. It’s really grounding and energizing.

As Kuma is a professional musician, I made sure to bring along my harp. I think if I turn up without it, they won’t let me into the house 😉

What I love about him is that he takes my song and then tears it apart completely. Then he’s encouraging me to play it a different way and it always works! As a druid we learn to let go of structure, control, but it’s not always easy. It’s something we do almost automatically. He pushes me to my limits and I have to admit, I lost feeling in the tips of my fingers for like an hour, but it was worth it!

I would love to visit them in London, as you know, my favorite city in the world, to play with them and eat Japanese food, but getting my harp there is just murder. It would be easier to buy one second hand in London and leave it there.

Who knows, maybe someday. For now, I wish you great thoughts for your mind, passionate feelings to fuel your heart and music, heavenly music to heal your soul.

Until next week peeps!


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