Ramblings of a modern druidess

Boxing day. Or the day I had my first ever black out. You would think that as an civilized adult, a spiritual person, a wellness and welfare professional, I would know a thing or two about alcohol and what it can do to the human mind and body. The answer to that is of course yes, although yesterday I could have fooled the best of you.

Every year we have a lovely Christmas dinner at my aunt and uncle’s house with friends and family. Still being on a diet, hubby and me decided that this one time we could forego the diet and enjoy all the yummy goodness. I stuck to Chardonnay, as a thirty-something woman I have learned not to mix my alcohol, not that it helped, but still.
When the cheeseplatter arrived on the table, I did have one port, but I think it’s the nine Chardonnay that killed me.

How I got home? No clue, apparantly we walked, which seems like a very wise choice made by my better half. We have a lot of stairs in and outside our house and I dread to even consider how I got passed those obstacles.

This morning was hell of course and I felt so sick, I had to cancel our trip to my hubby’s stepmom. So embarrasing! The fact that I really do not remember anything from approximately eleven last night till early this morning is scaring the living daylights out of me.

Most people have this experience in their late teens or early adulthood, but nooooo, not me. I have absolutely no excuse and owe both my parents and my aunt and uncle a big apology for my terrible behaviour. And now, if you please, I have to go and hide under a rock till everybody has forgotten what I’ve done, which will probably be never.

Until next week peeps, if my rock has a wifi connection that is.



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