Ramblings of a modern druidess

I know, it’s Thursday, yet again. In my defence, I was abroid all day yesterday and had to attend a meeting later that night. So the excuse? No time. Yes, it’s lousy, I’m totally aware of that, but it’s the best I’ve got.

Makes you wonder what kind of excuse they had in the Gaza strip or did they also just forget what they agreed to only hours ago?

I guess it’s hard for any of us to understand what’s going on there. I’ve often wondered if I would feel upset or threatened if the Friesian people would want a country of their own. Not the same, I know, but you always try to keep it close to home. I think I would be kind of sad to ‘see them go’ and if they would suddenly thrive like a bee on kick-ass honey or something, I might want to go and see what they’re doing differently. Religion to me is another very personal matter. I do like to share it with the people I love, but the experience itself is personal. I guess my only condition would be ‘are my actions hurting other people in name of my religion’.
Hurt of course is also very personal, but I do think there’s a huge difference between people taking offence or really physically or mentally being abused by religion. My concern would lie with the latter of course, because people will always have something to say about what you believe or the way you walk through life, gotta love menkind right.

But can you really enjoy your own beliefs, your religion, when it brings so much devistation, so much pain, so much hurt? Can this really be what God intended? I like to believe that the answer to that is a big no.

And I’m hoping, praying, people everywhere on this beautiful Earth will feel or will start feeling the same way.

Stay save people. Until next week, hopefully, on a Wednesday 😉

Sisters taking cover, let us hope we won’t see such pictures again


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