Ramblings of a modern druidess

Today I started with a series of seven interviews with my former kindergarten teacher. We lost contact for years, but through my mother she came back into my life. I think she was the first person besides my parents who became an inspiration to me.
She showed me fairies and dragons and love for nature in general, she never thought I was crazy because of the things I saw, not once and above all, she taught me to never loose my imagination.

Last year has been about me reminding her of that world, that she can make it back to society, because society is want we make of it, not the confined space she’s stuck in right now, because the walls came crumbling down and there was nobody there to catch her, not even her own children, for whom she did everything. They are not evil, they are fine people, they just have their own problems and did not recognize those of their mother. Sometimes it is hard for me not to feel resentful towards them, but I do know they love their mother, even though they made some poor choices.

She’s trying to get her life back together and wanted to leave a legacy for her grandchildren and maybe even for future generations. So we came up with the idea of recording her life in parts of decades. Today we recorded her life from birth to the age of ten. I feel honored to be doing the interviewing as she’s showing me another life, another period in time.
I have great respect for this seventy-something woman who is so full of life with a heart of gold and I’m grateful to get the opportunity to be a source of inspiration for her now. If we can imagine our greatest dreams and believe in them, just think of the possibilities. The sky truly is the limit and if you can’t think you can reach it, you can always ask a dragon to take you up there.

Until next week peeps.

My mother on the left with my kindergarten teacher


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