Ramblings of a modern druidess

Halloween. Some think it just an excuse for a party, others think it’s a way to make money, me, I love it.

I love to carve the pumpkins, put candles on the rooftop terrace, fill my cauldron with candy and wait for that doorbell to ring.

Unfortunately, Halloween isn’t as popular in Holland as in America, so the chance of having kids at your door is no garantee.

All the more reason to show them the way. So fill the stairs up to our house with Halloween candle spooks, witches and spiders. Then at the top have your friendly carved pumpkin waiting and a big fat sign that reads ‘Happy Halloween!’

And yes, the doorbell rang. I jumped up, rammed on my witches’ hat and opened the door. Bugger, TNT delivery, sigh…..

Highly dissapointed I closed the door again and watched my Halloween movie Arachnafobia. I fear spiders above all, so once a year I watch this movie, like the good doctor in the movie says…. ‘Therapy’. Not that it’s helping by the way.

It’s well after eight and I’m almost certain it’s going to be too late for kids to be out on the street, when the bell rings again.

I jump up, open the door and get a simultanious ‘Happy Halloween’ shouted at me by a Scream-young lady and a heroic sort of knight.

I grab my cauldron and they look estatic to recieve my sweets. I wish them happy hunting and they go on their way.

Aaahhhh, Halloween, I just love it! I’m still that little girl in her witchy outfit, hoping to get lots of candy and meet real witches!

Until next week peeps!


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