Ramblings of a modern druidess

Samhuinn is drawing nearer, days are getting shorter, the trees let go of their leaves and we let go of our loved ones and remember and honour them.

My great aunt recently crossed over to the other side at the very respectable age of 92. As I attended her funeral I was able to look outside and see the trees, the Sun was shining through the leaves, it was actually quite a beautiful day.

Her granddaughter spoke and my uncle, both with great respect, but also with humor, anecdotes that brought a smile to our faces as we all remembered this remarkable woman. I’m sure she’s with my own grandmother now, probably sipping on some nice tea and high quality pasties, catching up and watching over us.

There were candles, each one representing a fase of her life and they were shining brightly, just like she did.

Her passing brought sadness to a great many people, this is only natural, but as I stood in front of her grave, the Sun shining down on us, Samhuinn just around the corner, some words whispered inside my head…..

“You think you know,
What’s to come, what you are,
You haven’t even begun”

Samhuinn is not the end, it is just the beginning of another adventure and I happen to like adventures.

I wish you peace, love and Light great aunt of mine and above all, every adventure you still wish to experience.

Until we meet again xxx


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