Ramblings of a modern druidess

Autumn, the fall or as some people like to refer to it, the gloomy season.

I do understand why, I honestly do, but I can’t help myself, I just love it! Mind you, there will come a point I will curse the constant downpour and throwing another log on the fire suddenly lost its charm, but for now, I’m in my happy place.

So, for those who find this season a little trying, here are a few of the reasons I just love this season.

Clothing. I love my Summer dresses, but I do miss wearing a fluffy sweater, a nice pair of jeans, or wearing three or four layers of clothing. Summer might be the perfect time to show off your body, Autumn is the perfect time to show off your clothes! Also a valid excuse to go shopping in my humble opinion.

Shoes. I for one walk the entire Summer on flipflops if I can get away with it, marked by the occasional high heel when I have to go somewhere nice. By the end of Summer though, I really miss my boots. Flat ones, high heeled ones, boots that go all the way up or just cover your ankles, I just love them! And they would go nicely with that cute woolen dress you were thinking of buying, I couldn’t agree more!

Accessories. Hats, scarves, gloves, there’s a whole world of colour out there just waiting to be matched with your clothes and shoes.

Food and drinks. Just imagine, you and him, in that cute little coffeeshop, because you finally had the nerve to ask him and going out for coffee is perfectly innocent thank you very much. The smell of ‘just out of the oven’ applepie is floating towards you and a chalkboard is telling you they have a pumpkin spice latté as the monthly special. You in your little woolen dress with those amazing boots, I’m tellin ya, that will be a good day, trust me!

There are also other things of course. Late in the afternoon, you’re just walking to your car or waiting by the busstop for your bus to arrive when the sky glows red, orange and purple all at the same time. Or you’re taking a walk through the park where all the ducks, geese and swans are gathering by the edge of the pond, waiting to be fed by you. On your way home you stumle upon hundreds of mushrooms and suddenly you feel inspired to make a mushroom omelet, you could finally open that Chianti and maybe even light some candles…………………………………………..

You’re still thinking about that little woolen dress aren’t you? Well, go on then, go and buy the bloody thing! I’ll throw another log on the fire, so you’ll be nice and warm when you get back.

Until next week peeps, stay warm!


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