Ramblings of a modern druidess

Coffee. It is a serious business. Whether you have the privilege of a Starbucks near you or your perfect local coffee café, it is what gets me going and keeps me going, does that make me an addict? Well, better than chocolate I suppose 🙂

A nice cappuchino to start the day or a gingerbread latté just to celebrate the season or a Pink Special, like today at my favorite coffee establishment Barista café and come to the shocking conclusion it comes with French vanilla (none of that ordinary vanilla thank you very much), milk, fresh whipcream and pink candy.

Dare I ask how many calories are in this devine thing called coffee? The owner just looks at me and shrugs. “Sometimes you have to treat yourself” he says. I smile and pointedly do not mention my latest London trip with several Starbucks moments.

So I’m sticking to his comment. Sometimes you have to treat yourself, cheers!

Until next week peeps.



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