Ramblings of a modern druidess

Yearmarket. It is an interesting concept, especially if you have the largest in the country, or so they claim.

This morning someone up there decided we needed water and lots of it. I swear, we could almost change our name to Alphen by the beach.

Now imagine large shopping streets with market stalls and shops on both sides. Mothers with screaming children because they want candy, umbrella’s poking you in the eye from unexpected corners and thousands, thousands of people all with the same goal, reaching the end of the street.

And I’ve done this like, oh I don’t know, over 30 times, so you think I should know by now that this is not my cup of tea, but nooooo….!

I go for the kill and of course, our famous marketenster biscuit, well hubby wanted one, with him a few others as well, just a few, not a problem at all. My bloodpressure has been stable for months now and a stable blood pressure is highly overrated these days, so last season.

So after knocking a few teenagers to the ground and wrestling my sword between the wheelchair of some old tart who tried to sneak up behind me (it’s always the quiet, old ones) we got our biscuit. Fireworks went up in the air, the megablaster went crazy and hubby smiled liked an idiot.

It really put the phrase ‘come to the dark side, we have cookies’ in a whole new light. Only please…. not on a yearmarket, not again.


Until next week peeps!


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