Ramblings of a modern druidess

Next Wednesday it’s election time here in Holland. We vote for our new government.

Which means you can’t turn on a tv or radio to hear some kind of promotion for the varies parties, which always struck me as a strange word, because when I think of politics, the first word that comes to mind is not exactly ‘party’.

Although it does have some of the same ingredients. They have balloons, sometimes even confetti and occasionally there is music. They don’t bribe you with alcohol though, which personally I think is a shame and in fact the reason why some parties are lacking followers, not enough liquor 🙂

One could say I’m a social democrate, must be that whole dratted druid thing, but not like I used to be. With age and experience I think I became more of a realist instead of an idealist.

I still put people first, closely followed by the environment, but I also try to see what is realistic for our country, we are not America, which I’m usually thankful for and sometimes regret.

I do love how Americans really believe in their country and its politics, almost with a fanatic gleam in their eyes, get out a marching band, come up with great slogans and throw neighbourhood bbq’s all in the name of politics, we don’t have that here.

Come to think of it, that does sound like a party doesn’t it? I wonder if they serve alcohol…..

Until next week peeps! Stay true to your thoughts.


2 thoughts on “Ramblings of a modern druidess

  1. Fallingleaf says:

    I hope your elections go smoothly, and that you get a good government out of it all! Don’t be too jealous of the American zeal for political parties … like the American zeal for religion, it can and does sometimes get pretty ugly over there 😉

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