Ramblings of a modern druidess

A bit later than you’re used to, had to repaint the piano today, very important you know.

This whole year has been about reinventing myself. So all the colonial furniture have been replaced by white and green items, which matches the wallpaper quite nicely.

I basically told my boss that I think he’s a very bad man who thinks about money instead of people, which in wellfare is just a bit too ironic to my taste.

I always liked my body, but I was overweight. So hello diet and hello swimming pool and I’m down 17 kilo’s.

I rediscovered my writing and my music, whether it is playing music or writing it, I just love it.

The piano however was still colonial and it was just screaming to me ‘I want to be Ivory’. And if anything deserves to be Ebony and Ivory, it must be a piano, right.


Took me a bit longer than expected though. Perhaps the piano is forcing me to stand still for a while and look and really appreciate all the changes I’ve made in my life.

Sometimes time goes so fast, it sort of passes you by and you forget to live in the now, the moment.

So this week is about living in the moment, in the now and just be proud and happy with myself.

What did you do this year that made you really happy or proud? Relive it and revel in it, just for one silly week, we deserve it you know!

Until next week peeps!


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