Ramblings of a modern druidess

Goodmorning peeps. Today I’m writing to you from the north of our country. Yesterday my sweetie decided we needed a mini-break to visit our beautiful dolmens. They can be found in the gorgeous provence of Drenthe and the largest one is near Borger, marked D27.

The dolmens are thousands of years old, archeologists found lots of jewelry and armery inside the dolmens, but unfortunately no human remains, the ground here is way too sandy for anything to stand the test of time, unlike Scandinavia where human remains have been found. The stones used for the dolmens come from Finland and made their way over here during the ice age, it is actually quite mindblowing when you stop and think about it.

We had a lovely woman guiding us through the landscape, not only did she know a lot about the dolmens and how they came to pass, but also of the landscape, its history and the local herbs, most famous perhaps the Artemisia, which was used by the Romans to keep their feet from hurting. The leaves produce a kind of oily substance through friction, which is relaxing for your feet, smart guys, those Romans 🙂

The dolmens are truly beautiful, even with children climbing all over them. The guides try to keep them off and explain it is a burial ground, but this doesn’t really help. Until one of stones is so fed up with it, it collapses on one of the children, let’s hope this will never end fatally.

Today we’re going to visit the lovely city of Groningen. The Sun is shining, my feet are willing, even without Artemisia and our spirits are high! Hello my beautiful country, let’s see what today will bring!

Enjoy the weather folks! Until next week. X


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