Ramblings of a modern druidess

Am I upset we’re out of the Championships? Perhaps I was a bit, but that was so last week!

This week is about Midsummer, the longest day, turning point of the year, when the nights start to get longer and the days shorter, even though it feels like Summer has yet to begin. Hopefully, it will.

Both my mother and her youngest brother are Midsummer children, I still suspect my grandmother, who was a remarkable woman with a great love for anything that lived.

For me Midsummer is a time to spend with family and friends, which is logical because it has always been surrounded by birthdays. But also from a spiritual point of view.

There’s something magical about spending the night with those you love and watch the Sun rise, together. Usually you wake up and watch the Sun rise or it is already in the sky above you. But when you stay up through the night, to watch it rise, it’s almost as if you’re looking at it from ‘the other side’, like a mirror.

I recently attended a lecture by Philip Carr Gomm about mirrors which was quite fascinating and while Midsummer is almost upon us, I suddenly thought about the other side of the mirror.

Midsummer holds the promise of both Winter and Summer, Oak and Holly, this side and the other, it is about balance and on this exact moment, you can feel it! If you just open up, close your eyes and take a deep breath, I promise you, you will feel it.
This sense of balance, of stillness.

So with that thought I leave you today to wish you all balance and the chance to share it with those you love.


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