Ramblings of a modern druidess

“It’s just a game.” That’s what I hear people say the morning after. After we lost, from Denmark. I’m devastated and I don’t even like football! What is it that turns me into a cheering, hopping around in orange fool, every time the European or World Championships shows it ugly face?

As I drive home I pass several cars ‘pimped’ in orange or our red, white and blue, the driver gives my little orange lions a cheery wave and I wave back, a smile appears on both our faces, for one tiny moment, we connect.

Suddenly I realise this is why I love watching the Europian or World Championship, we Dutch rarely go crazy. Our motto basically is ‘act normal, that’s silly enough’. But this brings out the patriot, even in me. Suddenly I want to wave a flag, eat herring and shout at ‘our boys’ to go and get them!

It is kind of sad we have so little to unite over and it might seem silly that we’re able to do just that over a game of sports. But if we have the ability to unite over a game of sports, then surely we must be able to do the same thing with politics, right?

Upcoming September we have to vote for a new government and I hope I’ll remember this moment, that we are capable of uniting, of rooting for our team. Perhaps we can learn to see our government as our team and cheer them on, who knows, they might even lead us to victory 🙂

As for tonight, I’ll be watching with red cheeks and excitement, dressed in orange, of course….


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