Ramblings of a modern druidess

I just got back from a weekend camping with a bunch of people who many in today’s society would refer to as the loony fringe or as I lovingly call us, the DD Club also known as the deranged druids.

You know those moments in life when you join or book something and think ‘this is a really good idea’ which turns into ‘what the hell was I thinking!’ when the time comes? Of course you do, so do I. Ony difference is, I fall for it every single time.

I know I am not a camping person, I know I don’t really care for rain except on a very hot Summer’s afternoon and I need my coffee, good coffee that is! But the human mind is a tricky thing. As time passes by, you remember only the good stuff.

And in all honesty, it was good. I’ve met a lot of friends, old and new, played my harp the entire weekend (the DD Club are very musical), had a really good musical meditation, will never look at a mirror quite the same way and learned that Tarot wise I’m a King of Cups and who wouldn’t want to know that! I even got a tan.

But next year, when the time comes, would someone please remind me that even though I love nature and love spending time with these, quite remarkable people, I am NOT a camping person and there is an option to sleep in a house, where there is running water, hot and cold I’ll have you know and there’s no shame in being a modern druidess, you know…., the one who appreciates comfort.

Please, I beg you!


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